About Journey West

We are a full service escorted tour company with a long history of customer satisfaction

Cheryl PalmWe can help you plan your own vacation or you can take one of our guided tours already in place. There is one thing for sure, you will have a good time, learn some interesting things along the way, and have time to relax. We always make sure that you have plenty of time at any of the stops we make and give you time to experience the destinations on your own. We don’t include all of your meals, because everyone has their own tastes and we like to encourage our guests to explore their surroundings. We try to take the road less traveled as well. We want you to see the West not just the interstate.

Taking a tour with us relieves you of the headaches of figuring out which road you should be on, which hotel to stay at, and which day you want to go to which destination, and save you from trying to understand your GPS directions. We’ll get you there safe and sound and show you what’s around. Also traveling by motor coach saves on emissions. A motor coach gives off the emissions of 2 cars and with a full coach we take about 20 cars off the road! Plus you have a much better view of things out the window because no matter what vehicle we are in you’ll be higher than you would be in a normal rental car.

We also will help you plan your own custom tour. Whether it be a family vacation or family reunion, a corporate getaway or just a vacation with friends to explore new territory. Large or small group, we can help you plan a great vacation.

Journey West HistoryJourney West is the Western tour division of Boscov’s Travel. We started as Journey West in 2010 as a continuing effort to keep running Western tours through the Boscov’s Travel offices. Our Western National Parks & Wild Wonderful West programs have been running for 20 years & they are our most popular tours.These tours were sold through Boscov’s Travel though Cheryl Palm was the main guide for them for most of that time.Cheryl Palm has been a tour guide for over 35 years throughout, primarily, the West, but all over the United States. She has been an independent tour guide for 20 of those years. Cheryl has developed 7 of our programs and has been a guide on 2 of our programs for 20 years and extensive experience with the rest. She has a passion for the West and the history that formed it and still forms it everyday. Cheryl is the tour manager and the tour guide for all of our programs. She is more than just an escort for your vacation, she will guide you through the past, present and future of the places that you will see. Guest testimonials “Cheryl is great! She always takes good care of us and makes sure that we have fun!” Jack & Leslee- Pennsylvania
“Cheryl is just like family to us! We have been traveling with her for many years and we just love her!” Sue – Delaware”Since this was our first bus tour, we were a little uncertain about what to expect, but you quickly put our minds at ease. This was, undoubtedly, the best trip we have ever taken. Your knowledge and expertise are phenomenal and we are so glad that we chose Journey West. We are looking forward to future tours with you and thanks again for a memorable time.” Pete & Margie

“Thanks so much for the spectacular vacation.  We could not have imagined the info you gave us and the places you took us. The views were awesome and your patience is amazing. It was an experience that we will remember forever. We hope to see you again.” Bob & June

“Thanks for providing all the extras for our trip;  pie, candy, side trip here or there…watermelon, picnics etc… it was really great and memorable.” Mary Ann & Bill – Wilmington

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